The school's first 4th Year Graduation ceremony was held yesterday. The students themselves made it such a success by organising the running order, writing the speeches, making the music and showcasing the event. Davina Connolly won the Student of the Year award and Deirdre O'Sullivan won the Spirit of Transition Year Award. Every event since September was acknowledged and celebrated from the Mini Company finals to the School Musical 'West Side Saga'. Community Leaders from the Banks, Luncheon Club, Ludgate Group and local businesses thanked the students for their tireless efforts. Certs were presented to every student and the biggest cheers of the evening  went to Ms. Anne Sheerin, TY coordinator and Ms. Gretta Burchill, Year Head for their year's work. Thanks to them and to the presenters, demonstrators, musicians and to all who helped to make the day a memorable occasion. Well done TY 2017!