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Our child protection safeguarding statement as well as our review notification (accessible as PDF below) are available as hard copies on request from the school office.


Child Protection:




SCS Code of Behaviour




It is the aim of the Skibbereen Community School to provide a happy, caring, and safe atmosphere where each member of the School Community can grow as a person. We strive to create an environment, which assists self-development and self-discipline.


Encouragement and reinforcement is fundamental to success in all aspects of a student's life. In this regard positive behaviour, genuine effort and achievements whether academic or otherwise are recognised and rewarded in the following ways:

●      Frequent verbal praise by subject teacher.

●      Positive comments on exercises and reports.

●      Acknowledgement of good behaviour by Year Head, Deputy Principal and Principal.

●      Acknowledgement of good behaviour at assembly.

●      Public recognition of achievements on the intercom.

●      Photographic record of student achievements displayed in school.

●      Displays of work in classrooms and around school.

●      Awarding of certificates of attendance.

●      Recording of achievements on school website, school newsletter and local media.

●      School awards day.


Another key term which underpins our Code is that of “PRAISE”. Praise and encouragement are paramount to get the best out of each student and to make them understand that a good functioning Code of Behaviour creates the “safe, happy and caring environment” which we in Skibbereen Community School aspire to.


1. Punctual

2. Respect

3. Appropriate Actions

4. Image

5. Strive for Excellence

6. Equipped

The Standards of Behaviour That are Expected From All Stakeholders Include:

  • Respect for self, others and others’ learning

  • Kindness and willingness to help others

  • Courtesy and good manners

  • Fairness

  • Readiness to use respectful ways of resolving conflict

  • Forgiveness

Unacceptable behaviour in our school includes:

  • Behaviour that is hurtful (including bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation)

  • Behaviour that interferes with teaching and learning

  • Threats or physical hurt to another person

  • Damage to property

  • Theft