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The School Community would like to congratulate Alicia O Sullivan, 6th Year on her involvement at the UN Youth Climate Summit in New York. She was nominated by the Department of Foreign Affairs to attend the inaugural event. She is joined by 600 other climate activists from around the world including Greta Thunberg from Sweden.

She is also pictured with Minister Richard Bruton and Minister Catherine Zappone at the Irish Mission in NYC with the Kwon-Gesh Youth Pledge which means Solemn Duty and is between Ireland and the Marshall Islands.

Ireland and the Marshall Islands jointly called on Governments across the world to pledge to include young people in climate policy creation under what is known as the Kwon Gesh Youth Pledge launched at the summit. The term refers to “solemn duty”; symbolising the duty this generation owes to the next generation.

The Irish delegates are also pictured at the UNGA sign at the UN Headquarters just after the First Youth Climate Summit with UN Ambassadors and UN Youth Delegates.

Alicia will be attending the General Assembly tomorrow with An Taoiseach and the Irish Delegation where Greta Thunberg will be the keynote speaker.