As part of our wellbeing week in school, we were delighted to be joined by staff members from Skibbereen Library. Today Ms. Veronica Whooley and Ms. Mary Sheehy gave up their time to spend the entire day with us promoting all of the wonderful services the library provide, all free of charge. They devoted their time entirely to fifth and sixth year students. There was a specific focus on wellness and wellbeing. The students had the opportunity to look at books on this area that have been specifically recommended by leading psychologists and by our renowned psychologist Ms. Jo Boniface. All the students were informed about the free courses on offer in the library, access to free journals and books. The fifth and sixth years were targeted as part of our school's initiatives to adequately prepare our students for accessing information for project work for exams and specifically for third level!! Skibbereen library is the second busiest in the county and we could see why after today!! It is a great resource in our community.  We would like to sincerely thank them for coming to us and to thank the fourth years on their social placements: A. Humphries, K. Torba and T. Crosby. Many thanks to Ms. Orla O’ Sullivan and the Wellness Team for organising.