ENGLISH 6TH AND 3RD YEAR  MR. MURPHY'S CLASS-Tell my 6th years to write a 4 page essay on any poet they have studied. Use their exam papers, these are also available online.-3rd years to study the sheet that I gave them. 

ENGLISH 3RD YEAR  MS.O SULLIVAN'S CLASS-Read through the pre papers that were given back to you yesterday. Learn quotes from studied texts novel, play and poems. 

BIOLOGY 3RD AND 6TH YEAR MR.SHANAHAN-3rd years - finish off project booklets. Students missing need to contact from members for pictures and catch up. If off for longer Study chemistry section. 
6th years - DNA chapters to study. If off for longer study nervous system and endocrine system.

MATHS 3RD AND 6TH YEAR MS.MURNANE-Over the next few days My 6th Maths class are to revise Line &Circle  and trig and use marking scheme solutions to correct paper 2-My 3 rd Maths class are to revise chapters 18 & 20 and learn theorems 4 & 6 & 9 from chapter 19

MUSIC 3RD AND 6TH YEAR MS. BRENNAN- 3rd and 6th Years can continue to practice for their Music practicals, it’s an ideal opportunity for them. They can also practice some unprepared tests which they can access on State Exams Commission website,

MATHS/PHYSICS 3RD AND 6TH YEAR MR.MCCARTHY-6th Year Physics: Revise Mechanics Chapters 6-13, Do mechanics questions on LC 2017,2016-6th Year Maths(P.McCarthy): Revise Line and Circle, Do LC questions on these 2017,2016, 2015

SPANISH 3RD AND 6TH YEAR MS. SHEANE-Work for 6th years: español en Acción page 231 do comprehension and answer questions on page 232.-Work for 3rd years: Primer Paso 2 page195 do exercises 1 and 2, page 130 learn vocabulary in yellow box.

GEOGRAPHY 3RD AND 6TH YEAR MR.HAYES-Can 6th year Geography revise the Chapter on the Coast with regards to the fieldwork project that we will be undertaking next week.-Can students write out 4 aims / hypothesis' (50 words) that they wish to achieve over the course of this fieldwork. Students need to focus on the processes of erosion and features that these processes cause.

ENGINEERING/METALWORK 3RD AND 6TH YEARS MR.HARRINGTON-Leaving Cert Engineering -Continue work on typing up design briefs for leaving cert project reminder deadline is the 9th March. -3rd yr Metalwork
Design a remot control and tensioning system for tracks for junior cert project, designs must be in for next week.

ENGLISH 3RD AND 6TH YEAR MS.O BRIEN-Here is the work for my 3rd year English and Sean Ronan 6th year (I am covering that group for him)-Third year English :Finish the question on gender stereotyping from the Pre paper that we started yesterday.-Sixth year English: Revise Frost poem "The Tuft of Flowers"

FRENCH 3RD AND 6TH YEAR MR. SUGRUE -3rd French:Work on learning off the informal letter phrases covered in class so far.Download the 2004 paper from examinations.ie and do the comprehensions.6th French:Work on learning off some of the oral topics.Download the 1999 paper from examinations.ie and do both comprehensions.

IRISH 3RD YEAR MS.KEATING- 2012 Paper2 do both unseen Pros Liteartha lch 116 and 117 ceist 1 A and B and the unseen poetry ceist 3 , lch 118. Do all 6 questions on both. Exam papers online.

BUSINESS 3RD YEARS MS. LUCEY-I have two 3rd yr classes. One group(4.3) I met yesterday and gave them work in the event of school closure.The other group(1.3) can revise the following:1   Foreign Trade and Exchange rate 2   Trading Profit&Loss Accounts 3   Consumer and letter writing

IRISH AND LCVP 3 RD AND 6TH YEAR- MS.RONAN-Ms. Ronan 3rd year Irish class ,Examinations Papers - Paper I 2013 - Reading Comprehension Answer A and B ,Comprehension A- Lesula - Moncaithe le Súile Uaigneacha  ,Comprehension B- Ócáid Shóisialta Ghaeilge,6th Year L.C.V.P. - Those who have not already submitted portfolio , please email it on immediately.

MATHS 3RD AND 6TH YEARS MS. BUCKLEY-3rd Years Revise Chapters 20,21 and 22,6th Years Revise Complex Numbers,Area and Volume and Statistics.

MATHS 3RD AND 6TH YEARS MR.MOORE-Junior Cert Higher level Maths,Complete the following questions from paper 1 from the 2014 examination papers:Q 3, 4, 8, 9 and 10.,Leaving Cert Ordinary level Maths,Complete the following questions from the examination papers:2015 papers - Q 8 and 9 Paper 1.2016 papers - Q 4, 5 and 6 Paper 1.

BIOLOGY AND SCIENCE 3RD AND 6TH YEARS MS.QUIRKE-Work for my Exam classes over the next few days if the Winter weather conditions remain.3rd Year WorkThey need to write up the rough drafts of the two practical investigations they undertook in the last few weeks in the reporting booklets. Investigate and compare the quantitative effects of changing i)applied voltage and ii)concentration of sulfuric acid on the rate of production of hydrogen gas during the electolysis of water. This must be handed up Tuesday fully completed.

  • Investigate and compare the quantitative effects of changing i)concentration of solution ii)type of solute used on the change in mass of a sample of potato placed in distilled water, salt and sugar solution. This needs to be completed up to the tables of data for Tuesday.
  • All sections must be filled correctly, diagrams and graphs fully labelled etc.If project work is complete. Revise topics in physics on measurement and units along with motion (speed, velocity and acceleration).
  • 6th Year WorkRevise the topics Nervous System and Endocrine Systems in Unit 3.

When these topics are revised complete the following questions under exam conditions.HL 2006 Q14b HL 2012 Q13 OL 2007 Q15a OL 2014 Q12b

Revise the topics of Scientific method and Food in Unit 1.

When these topics are revised complete all short questions on the papers on these topics under exam conditions. No notes or books.

HL Q1 or Q2 on every paper from 2017 to 2005.

OL 2017 Q1, 2016 Q5, 2015-2007 Q1


Work pre paper Q's 1,5,6,7, and 8,3rd year Business

Work Pre Paper 1 , all questions.


Cspe Exam papers 2016

Leaving Cert Art history and Appreciation

Pre paper 2018,Select and fully answer ( with illustrations) a question you didn’t select for your pres,Higher level     Q 12 or  Q 14,Ordinary level   Q 12 or  Q 14.

IRISH 3RD AND 6TH YEAR MS.NI MHUIRTHILE-6th yrs =  Finish learning SP16 Bronntanas Costasach and then start learning SP18 Cluiche Ríomhaireachta,3rd yrs - 2014 Exampaper pg57 to pg61- Answer questions in copy.  Exampaper is available onLINE.


Revise Chapter 12 Insurance & Taxation & Chapter 13 Finance.

Higher Level: Exam Papers 2013 Question 5 & 2014 Section 1 Questions 1 to 10.

Ordinary Level: Exam Papers 2013 Question 6.

3rd Year Business Studies:

Revise Economics.

Exam Papers 2017 Paper 1 Question 3.

Revise People at Work/Being an Employer/Industrial Relations (Chapters 24,25,26)

Exam Papers 2017 Paper 1 Question 6.



  • Complete revision work given for Monday on Sets including all questions on topic from exam papers.
  • Revise and do sample questions from Chapter 2 & 3
  • Science
  • Using your notes write up experiment for the Biology and Chemistry in to the copy of the Coursework B booklet (given to you in January also can be downloaded). Draw graphs and do as far as Data Analysis for both practicals. You can write a rough draft for conclusion etc but we will look at that b4 you write it into draft.  
  • Ensure that you have your research sources named etc..
  • Revision will start with Chemistry - first three chapters for Thursday week.

MATHS AND HISTORY 3RD YEAR MR.WHOOLEY-Revise world war 2 and the cold war. Do 2 sections question 6 2011. Maths Revise factorising and attempt paper 1 2016. Papers on line. 

IRISH 3RD YEAR MS.O DRISCOLL-Work for Mary O Driscolls Third Year Higher IrishDear Students, Please do the last Paper 1 in your exam papers. (at the back of your exam papers) E.g. - Scéal, Grammer, and 2 Comprehensions.

FRENCH 3RD AND 6TH YEAR MS.O FARRELL-Will you tell my 3rd and 6th yr to refer to their group email for french for all work attached thanks

CONSTRUCTION/WOOD 6TH AND 3RD MR.KEATING-I have e-mailed all 6th years and put  work on the 6th year construction group in sharepoint on office365 for them. I have done the same for 3rd years.

IRISH 3RD AND 6TH YEAR MR.LEVIS-6th yr Irish:Learn the remaining sraitheanna pictiur, all of which were given out to you before the pre-exam. Start with 'Gaisce', which Mr.Dullea covered with you yesterday. You had the first half to learn for today, learn the second half now. Continue with the rest of them if the school remains closed over the next few days. Use téarma.ie to translate if necessary. Learn at least half a sraith each day.

3rd yr Irish:Work from your exam papers. Start with the 2016 paper. Do the first two questions today. If the school remains closed over the next few days, do two questions every day.


Write a letter in Spanish to your pen-friend Miguel, who lives in Oviedo and who you are going to visit in the summer. Include all of the following points:

1. Thank him for the invitation to spend 2 weeks with him and say that you are very excited.

2. Mention 2 activities you want to do together in Oviedo.

3. Say that you would like to try a Spanish omelette.

4. Mention 2 things about your family.

5. Say that last weekend you went to your aunt’s house in the countryside.

6. Send regards to his family and say that you will call him next Saturday.


6th DCG - Please make corrections to pre papers returned yesterday. 3rd MTW - Continue working on Folio for your project


The work for Science 3E is as follows:

(1)study the Handout called 'Electricity in the Home' given out in class before the pre exams.

(2)Write up investigation 1 coursework B up to analysis,

write up investigation 2 under the following headings: list of equipment,diagrams,method,tables of results as per sheet in lab(two) and the two graphs.

The work for Biology 6 is as follows:

Revise heart ,blood and lymph chapters  in biology


Work for M O'Mahony 6th yr Gaeilge

Learn notes on sraith pic no 9 Drochaimsir An Gheimhridh. Work on notes for comhra section as advised in class yesterday.

ENGLISH 3RD AND 6TH YEAR MR. PADRAIG O SHEA- 3rd year Revise AnimalFarm/Of Mice and Men notes on ‘Shmoop’ website. Attempt Qs on Themes/Setting/Characters 6th Year Do Paper 1 (2011) from Exam Papers( Also online at examinations.ie)

HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY 3RD AND 6TH YEAR MR. PJ FITZGERALD- 6TH Year,Wednesday: Revise Stalin.Thursday: Hitler and Nazi Germany in the 1930s.Friday: Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe.Continue to work on projects.3rd year GeographyWednesday: Revise Primary Activities.Thursday: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Rivers.Friday: Revise Population.

MATHS 6TH YEAR MS. HIGGINS- Info on Work to do for Ms Higgins 6th Yr Maths class as follows:

  1. Go through Marking Scheme writing in corrections on your test
  2. Note any questions on any of the scheme that you don't understand/queries on actual mark you got
  3. Go through all Constructions from your book Active Maths 3 Book (chapter on Constructions, Book 2) and practice according to the instructions given. (Note any Qs you have on any of these.)
  4. Make sure you have your Construction sets (ruler, compass, protractor, set square) with you for next maths class

METALWORK 3RD YEAR MR.MARK CAHALANE-Students to design and model a remote control for their project. Design needs to include, key dimensions and materials used.


3rd Year Home Economics:

Finish off Nutrition chapter focusing on :

-Micronutrients ( vitamins and minerals)


-Basal metabolic Rate 

Students to make summary notes on each topic. 

Also complete 2017, 2016 and 2015 Q1 from exam papers

6th year Home Economics work will be emailed to students. 

ENGLISH 3RD AND 6TH YEAR MS. CROWLEY- 6TH Years do Pre Paper1 , Text1,2 and 3 and then 3 Q.B's after 3 QA's if school remains closed. Pre-paper available online.


3rd Science.

Write up the Coursework B Biology (potato) investigation & Chemistry (electrolysis) investigation into your booklet.

Use notes given to help, all sections must be filled, diagrams & graphs fully completed and labelled. Carry out some internet research on both topics and make a  note in reference section. Make an attempt at analysis, conclusion & refinement section, we will fully discuss these sections in class.

6th year chemistry:

revise chapter 16 rates of reactions; do exam questions 2017, 2010  Q 3  2015 Q7

revise chapter 2,3,4,5,6  : do questions 4 in 2017,2016,2015,2014  exam  Papers


Homework for 3rd English:

Revise the following characters in the novel 'Of Mice and Men':

George Milton

Lennie Small


Curley' wife


Trace their progress through the story

With quotes to support( 5- 10 quotes expected).

Attempt Q. 1-4 in Sample Paper A 

(Theme: Family Adventures)


6th year English:

Read and learn Robert Frost's biography.

Honours students: Attempt 1 comprehension, QB and an essay from 2009 paper 

Ordinary Level students: revise The Great Gatsby and I'm not Scared.


Work for third years: 

Revise how sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks are formed and what they are used for.

Exam papers - 2016 Q1A (long questions), 2014 Q1A (long questions). If you don't have exam papers, you can go to examinations.ie

Work for sixth years:

Revise processes of coastal erosion and landforms of erosion - how they're formed. Read through booklet for the field trip and attempt to fill in sections 1 and 2  (introduction and planning). If you log into your school email, you should be able to access the class notebook (LC Geography SCS) and go to the 'Work for field study' tab where I have uploaded notes and powerpoints to help you.


3rd Year History

Research the following events and write a detailed account of each:

· The Berlin Blockade

· The Korean War

· The Cuban Missile Crisis


6th Year Geography

Revise Ordnance Survey and Aerial Photographs chapter and answer questions given in class.

Economic Elective: research and explain terms given in class yesterday and analyse economic questions from past exam papers and outline how you would answer each question.

Anyone who hasn’t handed up draft of Geography project yet to have ready for Monday.


6th Year Geography

Answer questions on reading comprehension given in class

Prepare summary notes for the first five Sraith Pictiúr and revise for Monday

Continue learning Irish Oral notes and practice reading the 5 p