Well done to all involved in this year’s “Fittest Year Group Competition”. 144 Students took part from all years in a hotly contested competition. It was run over two days on the pitch, gym and in the hall. Thanks to all the TY students who took the scores, did the music and set up the events. Sincere thanks to Mr. Maurice Moore for organizing and to Mr. Mick Murphy for assisting him.

Congratulations to 6th Year who are again crowned “Fittest Year Group” for 2018/19 with 101 points after 12 events. Well done to 3rd Years who came second with 91 points and 5th Years who came third on 85 points.

The Individual winners are listed below.

Event 1: Rowing

Best Placed Girl was Sinead Coakley, 3rd Year.

Best Placed Boy was Dermot Hegarty, 6th Year.

Event 2: Vertical Jump

Best Placed Girl was Aine Keating, 3rd Year.

Best Placed Boy was Patrick Malinowska, 4th Year.

Event 3: Hang Tough

Best Placed Girl was Olivia Dudek, 5th Year

Best Placed Boy was Jamie Shanahan, 6th Year.

Event 4: Bounce Ball

Best Placed Girl was Kayla Scully, 1st Year.

Best Placed Boy was Donnacha O Donovan, 5th Year.

Event 5: Basketball Shots

Best Placed Girl was Niamh Connolly, 2nd Year.

Best Placed Boy was Eividas Andreikus, 3rd Year.

Event 6: 3 Min Endurance Run

Best Placed Girl was Mallaidh O Neill, 3rd Year.

Best Placed Boy was Elliot Connolly, 6th Year.

Event 7: 20 Metre Sprint

Best Placed Girl was Grace Hendy, 4th Year.

Best Placed Boy was Alex Minihane, 6th Year.

Event 8: 5m by 5m

Best Place Girl was Lisa Harte, 6th Year.

Best Placed Boy was James O Driscoll, 3rd Year.

Event 9: Puc Fada

Best Placed Girl was Emer Crowley, 3rd Year.

Best Placed Boy was Jason Knott, 3rd Year.

Event 10: Upper Body Reaction

Best Placed Girl was Alicia O Sullivan, 5th Year.

Best Placed Girl Boy was Adam O Donoghue, 3rd Year.

Event 11: Quick Feet Reaction

Best Placed Boy Girl was Aoife Whooley, 6th Year.

Best Placed Boy was Cormac Ryan, 4th Year.

Event 12: Soccer Dribble

Best Placed Girl was Rachel O Donovan, 6th Year.

Best Placed Boy was Damien Fernandez, 2nd Year