Well done to class 4B who recently made a film as part of their Religion class with Ms. Orla O'Sullivan on alcohol and drug awareness. The film was directed and produced by Muirios Waugh for a competition with the National Youth Media Awards and Drugs.ie. The entire class were involved encompassing the help of their English teacher Ms. Michelle O'Brien. The two teachers in the film were played by the very talented Fearghal Murphy Youell and  Ryan Collins-Thake.This video demonstrates the impact of alcohol on relationships in a school environment through the eyes of a young abuser of alcohol. We see how he/she has to go about his/her day, dealing with people he/she has had altercations with the previous night, while under the influence of alcohol. We see the vicious circle which traps him/her everyday, and we see how friends and teachers are pushed away, until eventually, it is just him/her and the bottle in hand, alone.  For now best of luck to all in the competition, but we know that the Oscars awaits them in the future!