Whatever about politics, a week is certainly a long time in an SCS Skipathon. When James McNulty took a wrecking ball to the old 159 record and set the new 168 record in concrete, the hopes of other contenders turned to dust. But not for long. The main contenders for the skipping throne have ignited in rival fashion from the day when the first record was set. True sporting champions like Rebecca Beamish, Killian Forde, James and Mike McCarthy do not lie down in the face of adversity, they step up and create records of their own.

Confronted by news of James' 168,  Rebecca appeared relatively composed. On Monday morning, the flue had weakened her resistance and she failed to reach the target. On Tuesday, her best attempt brought her within touching distance and a score of 165. This strengthened her resolve and gave her the belief that she could do it.

On Thursday she tried again. On this occasion, she had decided to take the challenge by the scruff of the neck. A congregation of fifth years stared downwards through the lens of the sports complex window. We wondered was the great Mike among them. The sight of spectators added a faint anticipation to the air and Rebecca skipped like she had never skipped before breaking the record and achieving 172. There followed a moment of mad celebration. But she was not finished yet. In her next attempt she added ten more rocketing to 182. Ten minutes later, Rebecca skipped an astonishing 188 skips in a minute, smashing her own 182 and that is where the record stands.

Our leader may have opened the sluice gates but there is a growing number of challengers skipping at her heels. Two of the very best come from Class 2A. On hearing about the new record, Killian Forde stepped up to the challenge achieving a brilliant 172. One week ago, that score would have placed Killian right at the top. A week on, it propelled the talented second year into second place. All those who watched KIllian knew they were watching something special.  Having just completed the 1000 meter rowing challenge, an exhausted James McNulty took the rope but not surprisingly he could not beat his own 168 relegating him to third place. For now. We have not heard the last from these two talented athletes.

The top skipping class of the school is the Leaving Cert girls class with four members of the year in the top ten in the school. The amazing Elena Forde skipped 145 in her first attempt giving her fifth place, Caoimhe Leonard goes into sixth with 140, Naomi O'Donovan takes eight place with 128 and five others had scores over 110. Ms O'Mahony welcomes all classes to challenge!