It seems an eternity since James McNulty skipped into the lead in the school skipathon with a score of 116. On that occasion,  the excitement was contagious and a new seed had palpably been sewn. The 116 record did not last long as his younger brother Sean snatched it from him adding two to the score. Sean's 118 lasted a mere five days.

Cheered on by a very excited group of sixth years, the brilliant Rebecca Beamish stepped up and with steely determination skipped her way to the top with a formidable 138. In the weeks that followed, many students tried and failed to beat Rebecca's score. Clodagh O'Neill, Naomi O'Donovan, Shelley Brickley and Áine Seymour produced impressive scores in the high 120s but could not reach the elusive 138.

But there was a fifth year by the name of Mike McCarthy lurking in the wings and ready to make his assault on the title. On a freezing cold Wednesday evening, news was circulating through the school gossip vines that Mike had smashed the record and scored an unbelievable 159. The seemingly impossible had been achieved and the 138 record was ground to a powder.

Rebecca had also heard the news and a new determination was taking root. Ms. O'Mahony feared for the sixth year thinking an extra 21 skips would be almost impossible. But Rebecca has never been a girl to take refuge in excuses and she was not about to doubt herself now. On her third attempt, Rebecca achieved the magic number and equalled Mike's magnificent 159. It was now honours even to the fifth and sixth year. During the same P.E. class, the multi-talented Caoimhe Leonard skipped into third place with a very impressive 140.

Amazingly the story did not finish there as Class 2A are a vibrant, effervescent group who love to have their say. Here, the rope quickened and our hearts beat faster. Despite four break downs, the lightning fast Killian Forde stormed into third place with 148. No doubt about it, there is more to come from Killian.

In the midst of a hushed silence, James McNulty coolly took the rope, adjusted the length and focused on the task in hand. Energised by strange, unspoken glory, James returned to the top of the leader board with a score of 168. 2A have set the ground rules and James is a tough act to follow.

The SCS Skipathon is proving to be an epic contest of will and skill, a compelling battle where heroes are emerging all the time. Any student who wants to enter this epic contest should go to Ms O'Mahony to be counted.