Tobias Fischer gave an excellent talk recently to Ms. O’Sullivan’s English and Religion classes regarding The European Voluntary Service scheme, which is funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Union. Tobias is here in Skibbereen Community School for 10 months where he works with the School Completion Programme. He told students that everyone between 17-30 years can apply for this programme. In this scheme volunteers are granted aided to support community projects. Along with helping individual students, Tobias also runs the chess club on Tuesdays and Thursdays, where there has been a notable uptake of students in recent months.

All the students benefited from this highly informative and enjoyable talk, where Tobias also compared the differences between Ireland and Germany. He spoke about his favourite German soccer team, Hertha, which raised some interesting debates about soccer in the class. He spoke about the wonderful train and cycling system in Berlin. He gave information on cultural differences in education, like the inclusion of special needs students in Irish schools which has yet to happen in Germany. The students in SCS found out that their German counterparts, whilst having no uniform, only had 6 weeks summer holidays. A very pleasant and engaging class was had by all.